Academy Transfer & Re-brokerage Support

We also offer project support for Multi-Academy Trusts wishing to merge with other Trusts, or wish to transfer individual academies into other Multi-Academy Trusts.

Academies are independent state schools that are directly funded by the Government. There are a number of different types of academies. Some academies will be sponsored, where a school is unable to convert to Academy status on its own and will seek support from another school to improve standards, while other schools convert to become academies without a sponsor. These are called converter academies. Many academies now operate in Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs).
The responsibility for taking action to improve outcomes lies with the Multi-Academy Trust. However, where a Trust is failing to improve underperforming schools and, to ensure this doesn’t continue in the long term, the Trust may consider re-brokering, either by merging with another Trust to add to their existing capacity, or by transferring individual academies to a Multi-Academy Trust who can provide the required support to improve standards.
If you are considering academy transfer or re-brokering, contact us for a no obligation discussion on how you may best be supported through what can be a complex and lengthy process.
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