Due Diligence

Due diligence is often overlooked by many Multi-Academy Trusts. Find out more about how Academise UK can support you in ensuring your MAT is an ongoing, sustainable success.

Due Diligence is a term generally used in the legal and financial world. For the purpose of academy conversions, it usually describes the collation of information around the transfer of staff to the new employer (the Multi-Academy Trust).
Academise UK have a wider use of the term in academy transfer to describe the process in determining the liabilities and issues for any school in driving continuous improvement across the new Trust. It is also a means of developing a deeper knowledge and understanding of a school’s context and the challenges it faces ahead of joining a Multi Academy Trust (MAT).
Headteachers, Directors and Governors will need to be satisfied that any school joining an existing MAT shares similar expectations, cultures and values prior to joining. Academise UK, through our due diligence process aims to highlight any ongoing liabilities the new Trust may be expected to absorb.
We have found through our work with Academies, that due diligence is not always given the priority or resource that is required and are therefore vigilant in ensuring any issues and risks are raised, acknowledged, and resolved at the earliest possible stage of conversion.
If you would like to know about the conversion process in more detail or you would like to begin discussions about your school becoming an academy, please get in touch. We offer a free no obligation discussion as well as bespoke conversion packages.
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