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Everything You Need To Know If You Are Considering Becoming An Academy

Academy Background

A brief background on how the academies programme came about.
Academies were introduced under the last Labour government with an aim to improve pupil performance. Originally, only failing schools were allowed to become academies, these were called sponsored academies. However, with the introduction of the Academies Act in 2010, this enabled all maintained schools to become academies. These schools are called converter academies.
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initial governance workshops

Academise UK create and lead bespoke training workshops for Governors and senior leaders at schools considering becoming an academy.
Before making any decision to convert to academy status, school leaders will need to know what is expected of them during the conversion process and also, how their school will be governed following conversion to academy status.
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outline of the conversion process

A brief summary of the academy conversion process, from start, to finish.
Click below to view a brief outline of what is to be expected along the path of converting to an academy.

There are many different aspects to the conversion process that can easily be overlooked without the proper care and attention.
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due diligence

Due diligence is often overlooked by many Multi-Academy Trusts. Find out more about how Academise UK can support you in ensuring your MAT is an ongoing, sustainable success.
Due Diligence is a term generally used in the legal and financial world. For the purpose of academy conversions, it usually describes the collation of information around the transfer of staff to the new employer (the Multi-Academy Trust).
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Academy Transfer & Re-brokerage Support

We provide comprehensive support for academy transfers and re-brokerage.
We also offer project support for Multi-Academy Trusts wishing to merge with other Trusts, or wish to transfer individual academies into other Multi-Academy Trusts.
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Conversion Forms

Thinking of becoming an academy? Here you can access and download the Department for Education’s academy conversion and sponsorship forms.
Click below to view the download page where you can access the documents required to get your academy conversion process started.
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